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*** Caring for your Orchids  ***

  *** Should you ever mist an orchid? ***
Myth and reality collide!

*** Growing Lady Slipper or "Paph" orchids 


If you've seen the Kroger store (or any other store) orchids that tell you to just add ice cubes, forget it!
That is little more than a sadistic way to kill a beautiful orchid while "donating" your money to the store and the promoter.
Phalaenopsis orchids live in a rain forest and ice on the roots will kill your orchid!! 
Just read this article and you'll learn how orchids grow in nature and it isn't anywhere near a freezer!
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Orchid Tribes

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Cattleya Tribe
and related species

Dendrobium Tribe

Oncidinaea Tribe
and related species

Paphiopedilum Tribe
Paph, Paphs 
Lady Slipper

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Encyclia Nursery Rhyme Hybrid


Encyclia cochleata
Hybrid Orchid
'Mercos' x 'Alto'
Encyclia Hybrid
Hybrid Unknown

Laelocattleya (Lc.)  Gold Digger ‘Orchid Jungle' HCC/AOS

Dendrobium Nagasaki ‘Extra' x Dendrobium Everest

Dendrobium Susan 'Takahashi' Hybrid

















































Arnold Linaman 'Hot & Spicey' AM/AOS x santanael 'Snow Flake' AM/AOS
Miltoniopsis Hybrid

Brassia lanceana
'JEM' CHM/AOS x Brassia arculgera 'Bella Glade' AM/AOS
Brassia Hybrid

Brassia rex

Burr. Stefan Isler ‘Lava Flow'

Colmanara Wildcat Bobcat

Colmanara Wildcat Hybrid

Colmanara Wildcat
Hybrid Unknown # 1

Colmanara Wildcat
Hybrid Unknown # 3

Colmanara Wildcat 'Leonor'

Colmanara Wildcat 'Okika'

Datacosa 'Coos Bay' x arculgera 'Bella Glade' AM/AOS
Brassia Hybrid

Miltoniopsis Hajimi Ono Maui Jewel
x Maui Falls Am/AOS

Miltoniopsis Hybrid
Hajime Ono 'Maui Falls AM/AOS
x Arnold Lineman 'Hot & Spicey AM/AOS
The Butterfly Orchid

Oncidium Degamoara Skywalker ‘Red Star'

Odontoglossum (Odm.) Hybrid Anna-Clair

Oncidium Hybrid
HybridTiger Barb 'Plenty'

Oncidium Wilsonara Firecracker ‘Red Star'

Burrageara Kilauea
'Pacific Harvest'


Oncidium bifolium Hybrid







Double Deception
Paphiopedilum Hybrid


Knock Knock ‘Vivid’ x Plateau Giant
Paphiopedilum Hybrid
Paphiopedilum Hybrid
Petula's Ghost
Paphiopedilum Hybrid
Petula’s Mystery
Paphiopedilum Hybrid
Petula's Ruby
Paphiopedilum Hybrid
Puck's Apple
Paphiopedilum Hybrid
Paphiopedilum hybrid
Venustum 'Blatant' x Virginia Moffet 'Whey'
Paphiopedilum Hybrid