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The Exotic Rainforest

Sun Conures
Aratinga solstitialis
Residents of the Exotic Rainforest
Our Sun Conures, Sunnie and Star, are easily the loudest residents of our rain forest.  Conures have the ability to let the entire neighborhood know when they want something!  The majority of the time they reside in a large cage but they are allowed to roam on occasion.  But that is rare!  Although Sunnie has taken a few flights around the atrium both know exactly where their food and water is located and they don't like to venture more than a few feet from their cage.  Recently Star decided to take a tour of the "rain forest" and tried and tried to temp Sunnie to join her.  But he was simply more interested in being close to the food!

They are known as Sun Conures due to the colors of the sunset found in their plumage.  Scientifically they are Aratinga solstitialis and are common to the  rain forests of the northern portion of South America.  Sunnie, the male, is the more brilliant colored of the pair possessing a much brighter orange breast.  The bonded pair was "rescued" from a bird rescue agency.  Amazingly, I was not permitted to "adopt" (as is normal), I had to  them because I did not live close enough to this particular agency or any other bird rescue group in the U.S. 

Seems almost all have a rule that you have to live within an hour or so of their organization so they can regularly inspect the birds.  Otherwise  you are automatically not qualified to "adopt" regardless of how much bird knowledge you possess or the living facility you will provide.  I have almost 30 years experience and I doubt many bird fanciers have a superior facility to our Exotic Rainforest.  A few turned me down because I planned to keep them near plants!  Seems some people believe the plants will kill the birds.  Strange to me since the rain forest is filled with the same plants we grow.  If you're curious about the "poison" they claim is in plants read this:  Seems the birds are smarter than some people!

Sunnie and Star have been in the Exotic Rainforest since the fall of 2005 and are now our friends.  Well, sort of.  Sunnie loves to jump into the big food bowl when I'm filling their food container so he can choose his own treat.  And sometimes he'll fly from the cage and land on my shoulder if I'm holding the big container.  But he's devoted to Star and otherwise does not care to be handled.  Star just prefers to sit there and scream at me! 

By the way, if you really want an exotic pet bird, try to find a bird rescue agency and adopt a bird rather than one!  It's better for both you and the bird. 

The plant behind the birds is Megaskepasma erythrochlamys, the Brazilian Cloak.  Both birds chew on it all the time.  In the Spring and Fall it produces a brilliant reddish inflorescence (flowers).  You can see the inflorescence by finding the plant on the Plants Collection page of this site.

 Spring it produces a brilliant red group of flowers.