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The Exotic Rainforest

The pond is one of the first things you see when you enter the atrium and the last major thing you see once you reach the park bench at the end of the west walk and complete your stroll through the Exotic Rainforest..  There is still much more to see but almost every day we enjoy spending time just sitting on the bench to survey the pond and rainforest.   Behind the areca palm on the right of the pond is another 14 foot tall stand of White Bird of Paradise.  This scene changes every year due to the rapid growth of the plant specimens and my unending desire to add new plants.  The pond serves a major biological function: humidity.  While even some major botanical institutions complain their facilities dry out in the winter due to artificial heat, the Exotic Rainforest stays humid all the time.  The plants love it.  And so do I!

But there is a new exhibit which you cannot miss, our Epiphytic tree.  Click this link to continue:  Epiphyte Tree