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The Exotic Rainforest


West Walk

The west walk in the Exotic Rainforest is the short link that completes the U" and takes you to the park bench, a great place to sit, listen to the waterfall, watch the birds, and read a good book about plants.  The wall left of the walkway is lined with rows of potted plants, a few offered for sale, hanging baskets with some of our rarest anthuriums and other odd plants, a superb banana tree which produces small but very sweet fruit, and one of our longest "fake" logs overgrown with Epipremnum, philodendrons and bromeliads.  A large clump of Monstera deliciosa and our fragrant Allspice Tree fill in the area and almost hide the double thick Lexan walls which keep the heat and humidity indoors.  The right side of the walk hosts a few potted orchids, a clump of near full grown White Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia nicolai) with lots of smaller alocasias and philodendrons such as Philodendron gloriosum as well as a large Areca Palm (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens).  Behind the bench are banana trees (4 different varieties) which produce fruit during the summer months and a variety of flowering gingers.   It's a great place to look for new plants which often come up and surprise us.


And at the end of the west walk you come
again to the park bench where you can relax
to view the pond.  The photo can take you there.